The company «VA ECOPRODUCT» specializes in harvesting food forest resources — wild berries and mushrooms. The geography of product collection is the water area of ​​Lake Onega, protected forests and reserves of the Vologda region and the Republic of Karelia. Significant remoteness from industrial production and highways distinguishes local production from harvested in other regions of Russia and neighboring countries in terms of radiation background and the presence of harmful substances. «VA ECOPRODUCT» produces wholesale supplies of wild berries and mushrooms for 7 years, branding of the company occurred in 2015.

Differences in production of «VA ECOPRODUCT»:

  • Eco-friendliness of the product.
  • Sorting products according to their destination from the collection point.
  • Shock freezing berries for 24-36 hours.
  • After cleaning, all the products are packaged in a package weighing 10 kg.
  • The products are cleaned and frozen in fresh form, which allows preserving the taste and useful properties of wild berries and mushrooms.
  • Storage of products is carried out in industrial cold rooms at a temperature of -18 ° С.

The production of «VA ECOPRODUCT» includes a complex of sites, each of which is equipped with equipment from leading brands. The technological process consists of several stages: picking berries, shock freezing, cleaning, packing, storage. All products have been tested in accredited laboratories and meet the requirements of the EAC Customs Union. In the plans for 2017 — equipping the collection points, expansion of sorting lines, warehouses storage.

The geography of supplies — Moscow, Smolensk, Belgorod region, Leningrad region, there are partners — exporters of products to the Baltic countries.